We welcome you to our site.

We changed the layout and translate everything in English so mostly everyone can see what we are talking about.

First an introduction of our selves, we met in 1996 on the Aikido dojo in Son en Breugel. First we where sparring partners but later something was growing and the final result is that we are partners for life. In that time Karin owned a motorbike a Kawasaki GPZ500 and Henry a Yamaha V-max. That was a small problem because Karin could not keep up with Henry. So in a short time Karin bought a new bike a Yamaha XJR1200. Henry was a member of the V-max owner club Holland and once a year the club went to Nancy France where all V-max owners came together. It was a oddness if you had a original bike so it did not take a long time for Henry to customise his bike. First off course the performance of the bike has to be tuned up, than the exhaust system and so on and on. Rebuilding the bike the characteristics of the bike what concerns cornering and breaking kept the same(really lousy) and sometimes it became worse, and this was for Henry the moment to make the decision to buy an other type of bike. Also because Karin came to close when she also did some engine power tuning and that is something that is not exactable. The result, Henry bought the Hayabusa, and yes again we had the problem that Karin could not keep up. Next result, Karin bought the Suzuki TL1000S. Everything starts over again what concerns tuning the bikes, and that is a long story. We have a lot of similarities what concerns hobbies, sports or whatever. That is an advantage because we do almost everything together however you can see this also as a disadvantage because you have to buy everything twice for hobbies or other activities. Our biggest hobby is each other. Here a list of things we like to do:


Motorbikes (rebuilding the bikes, I even start a webshop for motor stuff click to shop. And we like to race on the circuits)
Fitness (our fitness room)
Thai bo (just Karin)
Mountain biking (and off course building our own bikes)
Movies ( for which we had to rebuild our living room in to a home Cinema)
Survival holidays
Aikido (at this time we do not participate with any dojo but who knows what the future will bring)

So this is a short description about us, in the topics on the site we try to explain the one an other.


Specifications Karin

Specifications Henry